About us

About Us

Protean Ltd. is a ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified contract research company focused on the R&D of innovative pathogen diagnostics and the production of artificial and native recombinant proteins.

The company name originates from Greek mythology. Proteus is the primeval god of the sea, who was able to see the future and who could take on different forms of life. The adjective "Protean" means changeable in shape or form, extremely variable, universal or adaptive.

Our Vision

We believe that using advanced technologies, the near endless amino acid sequence space could be exploited for construction of novel proteins with any imaginable properties.
We constantly invest a substantial part of the profit to research and development.

ISO 9001 3EC Certified ISO 13485 3EC Certified

Proteus by A. Alciato


years of experience in world-class biotechnology


research papers on proteins and DNA diagnostics


developed products for advanced pathogen diagnostics

„Protean's high-quality antigens provide the basis for production of robust and highly competitive IVD diagnostic kits.“

M. Fortova, CEO, Vidia Ltd. More reviews →

„Our vaccine development is greatly enhanced with the help of highly immunoreactive antigens from Protean.“

V. Vrzal, Deputy CEO, Bioveta a.s. More reviews →

„Protean provides reliable and advanced contract research services.“

Paul R. Hofer, CEO, Hutman Diagnostics AG More reviews →
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Meet our team

Doc. RNDr. Ladislav Burýšek, PhD.

Doc. RNDr. Ladislav Burýšek, PhD.

CEO and Chief Scientific Officer

Ladislav has many years experience of research in Europe and USA. He is the founder of several successful biotechnology companies in the Czech Republic and Switzerland.
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Ing. Miroslava Burýšková, PhD.

Ing. Miroslava Burýšková, PhD.

Head of Laboratory and QA

Miroslava worked in molecular biology laboratories in the USA and in Germany. She is responsible for the quality control and laboratory management.
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Pavlína Hejdová

Bc. Pavlína Hejdová


Pavlina graduated bachelor of medical laboratory at the Faculty of Health and Social in South Bohemia. She is responsible for product development and clinical testing.
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Bc. Veronika Rozkošová

Bc. Veronika Rozkošová

Reasearch Associate

Veronika graduated bachelor of medical laboratory at the Faculty of Health and Social in South Bohemia. She is responsible for laboratory analyzes and customer care.
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Our satisfied customers

PerkinElmer    Roche    Vidia spol. s.r.o.    Bioveta    IBMC, University of Strassbourg    Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague    National University of Singapore    The National Center for Scientific Research