RT - LAMP diagnosis
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Diagnostics using isothermal DNA amplification (LAMP, RT-LAMP)

Protean Ltd. has developed technology for a simple detection of various pathogens and specific DNA and RNA sequences based on the isothermal amplification technique. The technology profits from in-house production of amplification enzymes BstI DNA polymerase and ProRT Reverse Transcriptase and fully complies with CE IVD certification standards. A patent application was filed for the technological solution of this diagnostics.

Major advantages:

  • Easy on laboratory equipment and staff - it can be done in any laboratory, no PCR cycler required.
  • Results are available within one hour - with the ability to read results with the naked eye or mobile (also spectrophotometrically).
  • Huge test throughput - hundreds of samples can be analyzed at once.
  • Significant cost reduction over traditional PCR assays while maintaining the same sensitivity and specificity.

  • Commercial application - RT-LAMP Assay SARS-CoV2

    The test kit RT-LAMP Assay SARS-CoV2 is intended for diagnostics of SARS-CoV-2 virus in isolated viral RNA samples - for 45 samples.

    Test principle

    RT - LAMP Assay SARS-CoV2 RT-LAMP (reverse transcription and loop-mediated isothermal amplification) allows amplification of nucleic acids with a high specificity, efficiency and speed under isothermal conditions - ie. at constant temperature, achievable in incubators, hybridization ovens or dry blocks. The results are reliably read based on the color change by naked eye. The test includes detection of SARS-CoV2 virus and detection of internal control (IC) for correct sampling and processing.

    Kit contents

    • Reagent box for 45 tests
    • A bag containing a 96-well PCR plate and a lid plate with the stain in a light-tight container. It should be stored at room temperature in the original light-tight container or in the dark.

    Necessary material not supplied with the kit

    • Automatic and multichannel pipettes
    • Appropriate reservoir for reaction mixtures
    • Pipette tips with RNAse and DNAse free aerosol filters
    • Plate incubation device at 63°C.

    Test sensitivity

    • Equivalent sensitivity with qPCR to Ct 36-38
    • Corresponds to 10 copies of the virus per ul of the sample