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FRET TEV protease substrate (TEV fluorescent substrate)

Catalog # 2586
Type Recombinant
Source E. coli
Species Tobacco etch virus
Tag His6
Form Liquid
Purity >95% by SDS PAGE
Shipping Ice pack
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Substrate protein for quantitative determination and monitoring of TEV protease specific activity based on fluorescent energy transfer (FRET).


The 60 kDa FRET substrate protein is composed by two fluorescent proteins linked with TEV protease recognition sequence ENLYFQ|SG. The substrate is specifically cleaved to fluorescent monomers, which results in quantitative decrease of fluorescent intensity at 580-650 nm (emission). The excitation range of the substrate is 490-515 nm. Various TEV isolates (0.1 ug/ul) were incubated for indicated times with the FRET substrate (0.1 ug/ul) at 30°C (picture on right).


Protease activity control and monitoring. High-throughput screening of TEV protease variants. This substrate is manufactured in certified laboratory environment and could be used in GMP certified downstream processes.

Purification method

Affinity chromatography, size exclusion chromatography, desalting.


0.5 mg/ml, 10mM Tris pH7,5, 50mM KCl


TEV protease recognition sequence.


-80°C, aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

Analyte specific reagent (ASR) manufactured under ISO 13485

Country of origin: Czech Republic

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