Recombinant proteins Enzymes Endolysin F1-domain
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Endolysin F1-domain (Endolysin Φ812)

Catalog # 1536
Type Recombinant
Source E. coli
Species Bacteriofhage Φ812
Tag His6
Form Liquid
Purity >96% by SDS-PAGE
Shipping Ice pack
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Endolysins are hydrolytic enzymes produced by bacteriophages in order to cleave the host's cell wall during the final stage of the lytic cycle. They are highly evolved enzymes able to cleave peptidoglycan (murein), the main component of bacterial cell wall, which allows the release of progeny virions from the lysed cell. They are highly species specific, leaving non-target bacteria intact.


Recombinant F1 fragment of phage Φ812


Anti-Staphylococcus aureus activities, Turbidity-reduction assay, plaque assay, various anti-pathogen studies

Purification method

Affinity chromatography


50mM Tris pH 7,5; 150 mM NaCl, 1 mM EDTA; 5 mM DTT, 50% glycerol, may contain traces of imidazol


Specifically cleave peptidoglycan in Staphylococcus aureus cell wall leading to cell lysis.



Analyte specific reagent (ASR) manufactured under ISO 13485

Country of origin: Czech Republic

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