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Custom recombinant

  • Direct sale from manufacturer
  • cDNA sequence optimization
  • Subcloning into any expression vector
  • High-quality and fast production
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  • DNA transfer directly into cell nucleus
  • Transfection of primary cells and cell lines
  • For all common electroporators
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What's new?

Bst DNA Polymerase LF

Bst DNA Polymerase, exonuclease minus, exhibits a strong strand displacement activity making it an ideal candidate for isothermal amplification (LAMP), whole genome amplification (WGA), and multiple displacement amplification (MDA).

Taq DNA polymerase

Our Taq DNA Polymerase is a genetically modified version of Taq DNA polymerase optimized for robust PCR applications. It contains His6 tag and it provides higher sensitivity, longer PCR products and higher yields compared to conventional Taq DNA polymerases.

Sequence specific TEV protease

We offer genetically enhanced form of TEV protease with higher activity and thermal stability. This in house developed enzyme shows superior activity/costs ratio and is available also in bulk quantities upon request.

Infection diagnosis

Tick analysis

Tick-borne infection analysis directly from the tick. More →

Dentistry DNA diagnostics

Anaerob pathogen diagnostics of periodontitis and periimplantitis. More →

„Protean's high-quality antigens provide the basis for production of robust and highly competitive IVD diagnostic kits.“

M. Fortova, CEO, Vidia Ltd. More reviews →