Coje nového v Proteanu?

FRET-based protease substrates

Check out our specific FRET-based substrates for various proteases such as TEV, HRV3C/Prescission or Caspase 3. They are easy to use and compatible with high throughput screening applications.

Arctic-TEV protease His6

We offer cold-adapted form of Arctic-TEV protease with higher activity and thermal stability. This in house developed enzyme shows a superior activity/costs ratio at 6°C. Fully GMP compliant product.

RT-LAMP Diagnostics

Protean Ltd. has developed a new technology for a simple and highly specific detection of various pathogens based on isothermal amplification. The technology is aimed on field and POC test development. The results are readable by naked eye and are processed by a mobile device. A patent application is pending.

ProRT Reverse Transcriptase

ProRT is genetically optimized thermostable enzyme ideal for cDNA synthesis and one-step amplification techniques, such as RT-LAMP and RT-qPCR.

Taq DNA Ligase

Thermostable DNA Ligase for advanced techniques such as, Gibson assembly, Ligase chain reaction (LCR), NGS, inverted repeat amplification and gene synthesis from Thermus aquaticus.

Bst DNA Polymerase LF

Bst DNA Polymerase, exonuclease minus, exhibits a strong strand displacement activity making it an ideal candidate for isothermal amplification (LAMP), whole genome amplification (WGA), and multiple displacement amplification (MDA).

A nonspecific nuclease from S. marcescens

We offer highly active nonspecific endonuclease from Serratia marcescens for DNA and RNA removal and viscosity reduction of cell lysates.